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Mike H. - Yelp 5 Stars

"My back went out on me and I had to do something. My prior experiences with chiropractors in the past was not that good, so I was a little leery to go back to another chiropractor. I had a friend refer me who swore by them, so I decided to give Agape Wellness Center a try. I started with their rehab program upstairs, which I would warm up on their warm waterbed massage therapy to relax my body, and then do some stretching & exercises to loosen up and strengthen my back & core. I eventually started to do chiropractic adjustments with Dr. Jack Hewitt & Dr. Jennifer Paalani and I was surprised at how gentle they were with my neck & back adjustments. I would walk out of Agape Wellness Center feeling like a new man, with blood rushing to all my parts. After only a few months, it seriously made all the difference and I no longer have the back pain I used to deal with. I only go in on occasion for massage therapy and an adjustment for regular maintenance, only when I feel the need. I highly recommend Agape Wellness Center if your body is out of whack and you want to feel better."


David A - Yelp 5 Stars.

"Amazing people!
I have gotten care there for current and past injuries. Their knowledge and care was exceptional. Before going there I had only gone to my accupuncturist. Now I do a full chiropractic regiment. Would recommend them to all my friends and family."


Abe S. - Yelp 5 Stars.

Agape Wellness Center is AWESOMELY AWESOME!!

I started coming in to Agape about 8 months ago and I have had nothing but POSITIVE results from the Chiropractic adjustments, Physical Therapy, and Massages this office has to offer. This is a truly professional Wellness Center from top to bottom!

So many good things to talk about, I don't know where to start!

Dr. Paalani is  GREAT!!! It is very hard to find a good chiropractic Dr. nowadays, let alone a great one, and Dr. Paalani is nothing shorter than that. Unlike other chiropractic Dr's I have had experience with in the past, Dr. Paalani takes the time to sit down with you 1 on 1 to discuss and explain in detail what type of chiro treatment would be best to help YOUR personal problem areas and offers an honest time frame of how long it will take to have you feeling better with her treatments. Her adjustments totally have you walking out of her office feeling 100% better!

Sandra, the Office Manager, is so wonderful and helpful. She ALWAYS greets you with a smile and has such a great and positive attitude!!!!! She will help you get all your Insurance paperwork sorted out and is always on top of things in regards to your visits and concerns you may have.

The Physical Therapy staff is great as well. I have worked with Joe, Cindy, and Thomas and they all have something different to offer, but all of their work is excellent! They have all the necessary equipment and tools to get you back to feeling great in no time!

The massage therapists at Agape are AWESOME and truly 2nd to none!!
With all honesty I need only  say this: PREPARE TO BE SPOILED!!
You will not want to leave after your massage. Ultimate relaxation is what you get.
I have had massages with all of the therapists at Agape and they are all  EXCELLENT! Each one has their own pros but no cons.
Katie, Denise, Yasmin, Donna, Cassandra, and Lisa are truly EXPERTS at their profession.

Five stars does not do this place justice!!

Yelpers, believe me, Agape is the real deal!
You will not be dissapointed!!!!!



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